Zeligsoft‘s Component-Oriented Engineering methodology and toolsets unleash the full power of model driven and component-based development within the embedded software space…

The Zeligsoft Component-Oriented Engineering (COE) methodology is based on best practices and insight from Model Driven Development (MDD)

This makes Zeligsoft COE unique in terms of its:

  • Explicit support for embedded product concepts such as components, ports, and platforms
  • Use of domain specialization to customize the development environment

Benefits from the support of embedded software concepts

With Zeligsoft COE, developers are able to utilize higher-level application concepts to reduce the development effort and increase automation of tedious and error prone activities. For example, the developer can architect components in an application and connect them via port objects using a simple graphical point and click operation — saving tedious, error prone coding of detailed communication software. The platform concept along with the associated deployment action enables the developer to create platform-independent models in a consistent fashion while providing a clear and consistent mechanism for resolving those models down to the platform level. This helps ensure platform portability — a key concern in the embedded software industry.

The formal separation of platform from application also has the added benefit of allowing developers to easily make changes to the underlying platform choices late in the process without costly changes being required at the application level.

Benefits of domain specialization

Domain specialization represents a central element of COE, and a cornerstone of the Zeligsoft CX toolkit. Domains are entities that encapsulate specific platform knowledge, component framework information and associated validation and transformation engines. Domains are used to complete the COE framework in order to provide an effective and efficient modeling and design solution. They provide the higher level concepts to build applications from as well as the information and algorithms to support static analysis of designs and model compiler optimizations to ensure high-performing applications.

Domains can be quickly specialized by Zeligsoft to accommodate:

  • A specific target platform as well as a component framework such as AUTOSAR, SCA or CCM.
  • Any industry standard or proprietary component framework

Zeligsoft COE is the vision that has inspired the creation of our new flagship toolkit — Zeligsoft CX — enabling developers to:

  • Efficiently assemble solutions from a set of reusable components
  • Focus on the real objectives rather than having to deal with the incidental overhead of engineering the applications
  • Reduce product defects
  • Accelerate time to market

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