Zeligsoft toolkits integrate with key industry leading tools and tool platforms/frameworks

The embedded software industry is complex. There’s an entire ecosystem of vendors and solutions available to build your systems — from chip producers to operating systems, compilers, test frameworks and more. That’s hardly news.

What is news is that Zeligsoft is committed to ensuring that its products are fully open and integrate seamlessly with other leading tools. In fact, this is one of the real strengths of Zeligsoft. That’s because our solutions are built solidly on industry recognized standards:

  • UML and the leading Integrated Development Environments (IDE) and defacto standard — Eclipse

The ability to integrate with industry leading tools translates into big benefits for you or your development teams:

  • Ensures seamless workflow — from one tool to the next
  • Teams have the ability to exploit the strengths of different tool — and better leverage the overall investment in their current development environment

Ultimately, the ability to not only fit seamlessly within a larger ecosystem — but to integrate different tool sets and technologies is key to Zeligsoft’s ability to dramatically improve embedded software development productivity.