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How CX achieves productivity gains

Zeligsoft CX is able to delivery breakthrough productivity gains through:

  • Use of higher level structural and behaviour abstractions that can be fully tailored to the specific attributes of a particular class of applications (domain)
  • Increased automation of the software development process including the use of sophisticated static analysis and model compilation techniques
  • Enabling reuse of components that have already been tested and validated and applying these to other systems with complete confidence

Fully customizable

CX is a non-prescriptive toolkit that provides full customizability to your unique development environment via Domain Specializations. That means you gain greater control over the development process and resulting product enabling your company to establish or maintain their unique IP and competitive advantage. A Domain Development Kit will be offered that enables customers to build their own Domains or tailor existing Domains to accommodate their specific needs.

Domain specific modeling

Zeligsoft CX employs domain-specific modeling so that developers can use concepts from their solution domain when designing their applications. Domain Specializations integrate these concepts into industry leading modeling tools, creating powerful domain specific capabilities. Furthermore, these same specializations include information to support sophisticated static analysis as well as advanced model compilation translations that result in superior application performance attributes.

How is Zeligsoft CX different from other tools?

Unlike some tool vendors, Zeligsoft has not attempted to reinvent the wheel. Instead, Zeligsoft CX has been designed to harness and extend the capabilities of the most popular modeling platforms, like the Eclipse based IBM Rational modeling tool.

It introduces Domain Specializations to turn modeling IDEs into domain-specific development environments, with the basic pre-packaged Domain providing fundamental embedded concepts, such as Platforms. This:

  • Supplies developers with greater leverage in the form of more expressive domain abstractions and concepts.
  • Allows organizations to more completely tailor their development environment to their specific needs, enabling a degree of user control not previously practical
  • Provides powerful QoS analysis capabilities as well as Model Compiler translations that ensure high-performing applications

Who benefits from CX?

Specifically developers and teams developing embedded software in such industries as; aerospace, defense and telecommunications and who are:

  • Dealing with increasing complexity and productivity challenges resulting from growing software development demands
  • Facing increasing pressure to leverage growing software investments
  • Outsourcing/Offshoring an increased portion of development and need tools to help facilitate the resulting development process
  • Want greater control over tools to ensure they meet performance and developer requirements, while at the same time harnessing COTS tool technology
  • Looking for a better way to develop embedded software and improve productivity