Zeligsoft's dedicated support team provides product support through annual maintenance and support agreements. Through e-mail, telephone and web-conferencing, we'll answer your queries relating to our tools and domains, and integrating our tools with your project's ecosystem.

With prioritized response times tailored to severity of issue, we ensure that your project always moves forward without delay. Ongoing access to regular product improvements and minor software updates ensures that your development team is always using the latest solutions from the Zeligsoft development team.

The Zeligsoft Annual Maintenance and Support service offers the following benefits:


Zeligsoft releases software upgrades containing new functionality and product improvements approximately 5 times per year. When required, minor software updates are released to correct any field found issues. Only Zeligsoft customers with active maintenance and support agreements are automatically notified and provided with these upgrades and updates. No fees are charged for these upgrades, as they have been included in the annual maintenance service.

Technical support

The Zeligsoft professional services team will help you overcome any problems you may encounter when using Zeligsoft CX or Zeligsoft CE.

Technical notes

Periodic technical notes are issued to customers with maintenance and support contracts. These technical notes will help you use Zeligsoft CX and Zeligsoft CE to their fullest potential.

Online Customer Support

Please go to Contact Us and submit a Zeligsoft Support request.