Software Defined Radio development using SCA

Zeligsoft's proven solution for the developing Software Defined Radios conforming to the Software Communications Architecture

If you are developing Software Defined Radios for the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS), your radios must conform to the Software Communications Architecture (SCA) - the standard adopted by the JTRS to achieve radio functionality, expandability and interoperability.

The SCA is a component framework standard that utilizes component-based software development and deployment to specify rules on how to develop, deploy and configure SDRs.

Zeligsoft tools have been successfully used in a wide variety of SDR/SCA projects including application development, radio platform development, complete radio system development, waveform porting and non-SCA to SCA waveform porting.

We have partnered with PrismTech to deliver a Zeligsoft CX domain specialization for SDR/SCA -- Spectra CX.